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We specialize in online marketing: we create effective and attractive content, design standout websites, and set up and manage advertising campaigns.

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About Us

We have been involved in the world of online marketing since 2019. We approach every project comprehensively, conduct analyses, and establish strategies. Our marketing plans are for companies that want to:

gain a clear structure for business development

attract new customers

increase brand awareness

boost sales

expand their customer base

average customer LTV (Lifetime Value)

We take off the rose-colored glasses for entrepreneurs

We dive deep into briefs, thoroughly research brands and their products, ask uncomfortable questions about numbers and finances, seek individual tailored solutions (often clients don’t even realize they need certain services), consult on numerous things, and try unconventional approaches that may sometimes seem absurd. We are principled and direct. This may not appeal to everyone, but by removing the rose-colored glasses from the start of our collaboration, we achieve the best results.

Mgr. Anastázie Najmušinová

Founder & CMO NAVIAN.studio

Our values


We only work on projects we believe in.

More often than not, we become customers of our clients. The key to successful cooperation comes from our trust in the quality of the product we promote. We, more than anyone else, know all its advantages, and we only take on brands that we are willing to praise outside our professional activities.


We always strive to provide the kind of service we would want to receive ourselves.

This is a very high standard. Therefore, we constantly improve our internal processes to achieve the best results for our clients. We only consider the project complete when the client is completely satisfied! And, of course, we always strive to exceed expectations.


We love what we do.

It probably doesn’t need explaining. It’s visible in every one of our projects. Check out our Portfolio!


We believe that you don't have to be a big brand to achieve something exceptional, significant, and helpful.

We are representatives of a small company and we know the problems that small and medium-sized businesses face on the road to prosperity. And we know how to turn those struggles into your greatest strengths.

Meet our Team

Anastázie Najmušinová

ceo & strategy


project manager


head of SMM


content creator

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ppc specialist



smm specialist

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graphic designer

Our goal

is to help your business strengthen its sales channels through comprehensive marketing.

It doesn’t matter if you only have a few ideas in your head and a few notes on paper.

Our vision

We believe that it’s pointless to implement tools just because everyone, including your competition, uses them.

Though there are many different marketing strategies to increase sales, we use our careful analysis to help identify and implement the most suitable and effective plan for your business.

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