Corporate Identity Tailored to Your Needs

Corporate style is the visual identity of a company, helping it stand out from the competition. Businesses without their own corporate style always lag behind their “stylish” competitors. After all, customers prefer to buy from companies they recognize. A strong logo with well used colors helps customers remember your brand and build trust.

What does corporate identity encompass?

The fundamental elements of corporate identity include a logo, preferred fonts, color palettes, and design guidelines.
Depending on the type and needs of the business, an individual style may consist of various components, such as:

When creating a corporate identity, we base our work on knowledge in the following areas:

Consumer Psychology

Color Theory


Global Consumer Behavior Research

Our Services

During the brand development process we create a logo, corporate style (identity), and, if needed, we come up with a brand name and prepare a complete brand book (style guide). In every product or service category, there is competition, and it’s fierce in almost all areas of business. You cannot rely on luck alone to create an iconic corporate style.

Only precise positioning, calculation, and thoughtful decisions lead to success. Therefore, we analyze trends and competition in our client’s industry and related fields in advance of any design.

Today, coming up with a good name is increasingly difficult. We discuss tasks, positioning, and target audience with the client and then get to work. Two or three specialists work on the project, each submitting up to 50 variants. These variants are checked for viability and protection based on publicly available sources. In the end, you will receive 2-3 options to choose from, which are free for promotion on social networks, domain name registration, and suitable for trademark registration.

The brand already exists but needs adjustments. First, we focus on the reasons and determine the direction in which these adjustments should be made. We examine what has changed in industry trends and the perception of the target audience. We conduct a competitive analysis and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Rebranding is often accompanied by changes within the company. Visual differences before and after rebranding may not always be substantial, depending on the extent of changes in the company’s values.

Packaging is often the primary communication channel with consumers. Particularly for food products, where packaging helps them stand out from competitors on the shelf. Packaging also helps “communicate” with customers, presenting the brand’s position, prices, and values. Coffee shops are recognizable by their branded cups, and pizza is identified by its boxes, and so on. Packaging design should be appealing enough for customers to want to photograph and share it on social media. Our work takes this into account, and we consider packaging a crucial element of a strong brand.

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