Dental Website Design

Dec, 2020

Web design

About the Project

In November 2020, the owners of the premium dental clinic, Leonardo, located in St. Petersburg, contacted us.

The client had a special request: to convey the brand’s philosophy and corporate identity through the design of a multi-page website.

The design was developed and approved within two weeks.

Develop the design of a multi-page website
How We Did It
In the initial phase of our collaboration, we discovered that the dental clinic did not have a website. The only point of access for online customers was through social media.
Therefore, our main task in creating the website design was to showcase the dental clinic from all angles: introduce each dentist to the client, convey the values of the dental clinic, and, of course, provide customers with all the important information (services, prices, contacts).
In the first block on the homepage, we placed statistical data and provided a unique offer. This allowed us to capture the client's attention from the first second and, at the same time, increase customer loyalty by emphasizing the importance of the dental clinic.
The homepage also includes information about the treatment plan, the team, and a price list of services. These sections can be displayed on separate pages for the convenience of users.
The result of our work was a modern, multi-page for the client that preserved their corporate identity.

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