Marketing Strategy for Brand Start and Development

Through a marketing strategy, we plan the long-term development of your brand. We search, test, and evaluate the best ways to promote a product or service, and subsequently integrate all functioning approaches into an efficient system.

When do you need a marketing strategy?

When you are planning to expand into a new market

When you need assistance with digital marketing and promotion

When you feel that your revenues are stagnant and you want them to grow

What does the strategy consist of?

In simple terms, the strategy represents a detailed analysis of the current situation and provides guidance on what marketing steps a company should take to significantly progress, and ultimately enhance, its market presence. In the end, you will receive a document that reflects the company’s position in the market, its goals and vision, branding and brand strengthening strategy, communication channels, and methods.
We focus on analyzing competitors, target audience, and conducting a brand audit.
We identify and highlight the advantages of your company, creating a unique brand that captures the attention of your target audience.
We thoroughly research your competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses, then identify opportunities for improving your market position. Simultaneously, we focus on the target audience of the brand, conducting in-depth interviews to explore their needs, preferences, and behavior.
We outline an action plan for communication channels we will use for various purposes and how to integrate them most effectively.
We recommend suitable types of advertising, define KPIs, and set a budget.
You can use the strategy as a standalone document, but we recommend starting the implementation as soon as possible. We are happy to assist you with that.

What results does the strategy implementation bring?

Increase in sales and profit

Diverting customer attention from competitors

Acquiring new customers cost-effectively

Providing a clear action plan for the marketing team

Strengthening and stabilizing market position

Building long-term relationships with customers

How do we achieve this?



We identify the strengths and weaknesses of competing brands and evaluate their marketing activities.
Target Audience
We segment the target audience, determine the selection criteria for each segment, and find out which needs are not being met by competitors.
We evaluate the current status and look for opportunities to develop the brand and product.



We determine where your competitors stand in the minds of the target audience.
Target Audience
We identify the needs of the target audience based on preferences and product selection criteria.
Perception / Impression
We determine our ideal perception/impression compared to the competition.



Research and Positioning
Based on gathered information and developed positioning, we create a promotion strategy in communication channels.
Sales and Content Marketing
We monitor sales effectiveness in your company and work on social media and email marketing.

Recommendations regarding the visual style of the brand and names. Creating custom advertising creatives and banners.


Digital strategy

KPI Setting
We set effectiveness indicators for each communication channel for 2 years, relying on your business opportunities, market size, and competition activities.
Budget Allocation
We calculate advertising budgets required to achieve the set KPIs. When allocating budgets, we take into account the mutual influence of channels (synergy).
ROMI Calculation
Based on your product’s margin data, we calculate the planned marketing profit. Using cost and marketing profit, we calculate ROMI. We establish a minimum acceptable ROMI – 100%.

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