Marketing Training & Consultation

for Entrepreneurs Marketing Specialist SMM Specialist


Do you want to get the most out of your business?

We know how to do it:

Enhance and increase trust in your personal brand

Find and attract your target audience

Increase conversion on your website

Stand out from the competition

Select effective advertising channels

Create a memorable company look

Improve and optimize performance marketing

Establish a sales profile on social media

Build an efficient marketing department

How collaboration works


Questionnaire Completion

We will send you a questionnaire to fill out. It helps us make the conversation specific and practical.

The format of the consultation

We will agree on the time and format of the meeting: in person or via Zoom.


We will discuss solutions to your problem during a face-to-face meeting.

Who is a consultation suitable for?

For anyone who is independently, or with their team, involved in brand promotion, or is planning to do so. Also suitable for marketing department managers looking for new ideas.

If you want to find out how promotion can help you, book a consultation and we will explain everything to you.

During the consultation, we will discuss



  •  Market, competition, and your possibilities
  • Your competitive advantages
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Future advertising content
  • Everything that affects sales: seasonality, customer buying power


  • We evaluate advertising campaigns you have already launched and help adjust them
  • We select advertising channels that best suit you
  • How to optimize advertising
  • Budget planning for promotion
  • Launching new advertising campaigns


Company Processes

  • Primary and secondary metrics to monitor
  • How to find suitable marketers – employees or suppliers
  • How to set tasks for employees and evaluate their work
  • Which services to use for lead generation
  • How to set up advertising independently
  • The importance of analysis and ways to implement it


marketingová konzultace

Consultation Price

One-time consultation — 5000 CZK/hour

We analyze your goals, potential, target audience, and competition, then suggest solutions to a specific problem and help you choose the tools to solve it.

Long-term Cooperation

The price is determined based on the scope of work, which depends on the marketing situation. We analyze the target audience, your market position, goals, and potential, then develop a marketing plan, adjust it during individual or online consultations, honestly evaluate the results, and present statistics.

Consultation Results

Don't know what specialist you need?

Leave a request, and we will find a consultant or a team of professionals for you. The consultation fee remains the same.