Performance marketing

PPC advertising is a great way to drive your ideal customers to your website in the shortest time possible. Your ads will appear in search engines, on various websites in the form of banners, and also on YouTube. This ensures the capture of serious prospects with a genuine interest in your product or service.

When do you need PPC advertising?

few customers

high competition in the industry

updating your product range


You have a new website

launching a business

testing demand for a product or service

Our PPC Services

The key element of this type of advertising is proper setup. If your campaigns are well-crafted, you will achieve high conversion rates that are relevant to your industry.

Achieving high values requires the optimal combination of content and targeting. This can result in reasonable advertising costs while acquiring more customers.

Long-term management of all types of PPC campaigns on Google and Seznam

YouTube advertising

PPC campaign audit

PPC campaign strategy

With a fixed fee, you pay a monthly fixed amount and have a clear overview of the specific activities we provide for you.

Why do clients entrust us with high budgets and complex tasks?


We help clients achieve significant savings (up to 50% savings on their existing advertising budget) by optimizing their campaigns and minimizing unnecessary expenses.


Our specialists respond quickly to changes and make adjustments to advertising campaigns, allowing clients to keep pace with the dynamic market.


Our rich experience and portfolio of successful projects across various industries let our clients know they are in good hands.


We provide clients with regular and clear reports that allow them to monitor the results of their advertising campaigns and make informed decisions.


We are active partners with our clients, providing valuable advice and recommendations to help them develop and grow their business.


We are able to respond flexibly to the specific requirements and goals of each client, allowing us to create and implement strategies that are precisely tailored to their unique needs and market situation.

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