Corporate Identity for a Beauty Salon

May, 2021

Web development
Corporate identity

About the Project

We love it when customers trust us at first glance! That’s exactly what happened with Beauty Way. The client only had one request: ‘I want the result to be beautiful. I know you can do it!’
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  • Create a one-page website with a minimalist and aesthetic design.
  • Design a logo, business cards, and gift certificates.
  • Simplify the client booking process through a reservation form.
The key value of Beauty Way's cosmetology is to provide customers with an aesthetic experience and top-notch care. Therefore, our main task was to create a beautiful, minimalist, and sophisticated corporate identity for the clinic.
In creating the website, we decided to divide it into several blocks - the first for booking treatments, the second for listing services, the third for introducing clinic staff, and the fourth containing pricing and contact information. Since the main target audience is young women who prioritize their beauty and health, it was important to show they will be well taken care of. Each block was complemented by photos that potential clients can easily relate to. This division into blocks helps navigate all the necessary information, ultimately speeding up the client's decision-making process.
When creating gift certificates and business cards, we wanted to maintain a minimalist style but make it unforgettable. For promotional materials (business cards and certificates), we used two contrasting colors. We chose a graphite color with a contrasting gold logo for the gift certificate. And for the business cards, we opted for a fresh, vibrant orange-pink gradient. The client was very satisfied with the result, and we succeeded in fulfilling his wish for a beautiful design that exudes luxury and minimalism at the same time.

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