Corporate Identity for a Cosmetic Studio

Oct, 2022

corporate identity

About the Project

Just Face is a cosmetic studio that offers innovative services for healthy, beautiful skin. Our task was to create both a logo and a guide that would reflect the importance of the industry while providing clear, digestible  information for clients.

Logo Concept

We designed a stylish and minimalist logo that expresses the significance of the cosmetic industry. Ligature elements resemble playful strands that evoke imagery of a sleek hairstyle. These curls become a central element of the corporate identity and the foundation for future graphic processing. The proposed logo expresses the unique and individual nature of the business while referencing the distinct clientele who choose it.

Patterns and Textures

Instead of a classic pattern, we used textured canvases with petrol stains in monochromatic and color versions. These canvases resemble spilled gasoline on asphalt and marble in a galactic pattern, adding uniqueness and individuality to Just Face’s corporate design.

Guide Concept

The guide is the quintessence of the corporate style and its elements. We divided the guide into chapters, each with its own color and unique pattern. We used infographics, division, and a clear structure to present complex information in a simple way. The guide features elements of “playfulness” in the form of curls referring to the logo, emphasizing the internal connection and unity of the brand.

The result of our project is a new logo and guide for Just Face Studio. The logo expresses the significance and beauty of cosmetic care while highlighting the uniqueness and individuality of the brand. Patterns and textures give the brand identity a personal style and context. The guide is an important tool for educating the studio’s clients, teaching them how to properly care for their skin.

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