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Únor 2022 - nyní

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About the project

What does it take to make a client crave a juicy and delicious burger? While your first thought might be to capture the perfect photo, we advised introducing the audience to the owners of the diner and building the brand alongside the food.

John Polpo Spot is a business that specializes in burgers, but has a menu which includes refined appetizers, salads, beautiful desserts, and the ability to prepare specialty coffee or signature drinks.

The owners approached us for help with social media management. In creating the strategy, we identified several opportunities for personalizing the diner’s concept to differentiate it from the competition. We reached out to the owner of the burger joint, an ambitious and charismatic man, whom we decided to make the face of the business. Then we organized a photoshoot to showcase all the delicious food in the best light possible.

John polpo spot logo
John polpo spot leták
John polpo spot sociální sítě
  • Revamp the corporate style
  • Design the Instagram profile and the look of its highlights
  • Copywriting
  • Attract new followers and customers
  • Increase brand awareness
How to Achieve It
Logo Design: To create a unique and recognizable brand, we designed a logo inspired by one of the bistro owners, making him the face of the brand. The minimalist yet distinctive logo reflects his characteristic features.
Photography: During the photoshoot, we focused not only on the main menu items but also on each bistro staff member. Our goal was to convey the friendly atmosphere of the bistro in both the feed and stories, ensuring visitors know what to expect. We used the right tone of voice, shared personal stories of the staff, and regularly created engaging content.
Advertising Brochures: The main task was to grab the attention of potential customers and quickly deliver necessary information. We used the 'teaser' method by blurring the burger photo on the first page, encouraging customers to pick up the brochure to see the result.
Employee Inclusion: We aimed to incorporate every bistro staff member into social media content.
The result is an Instagram profile that perfectly mirrors the vibe of the bistro, emphasizing its core values. We continue to collaborate with the bistro owners, providing followers with behind-the-scenes glimpses.
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