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Marketing Strategy for Startup

Jan, 2022

Marketing strategy
Corporate identity

About the Project

In January, a team of young entrepreneurs approached us with plans to open an arena consisting of a gaming zone, food court, and lounge area.

The owners wanted to show that esports are no longer just a subculture, but a major global trend. They wanted us to update the company identity and elevate their gaming business to a new level.

MVP staré logo - firemní identita
MVP logo - firemní identita
MVP footer
  • Prepare rebranding
  • Design a marketing strategy
How We Did It

We faced a challenging yet exciting task – updating the client’s company identity. Given that the target audience of esports enthusiasts is constantly growing and esports are becoming a massive marketing trend, the logo had to not only be relevant to CS (Counter-Strike), but also distinctive and memorable.

We did not want to completely erase their current identity, so the first thing we did was identify the pros and cons of the old logo.


  • Recognizable shape
  • Unique font
  • Use of a mascot


  • Logo is already taken
  • The logo text is illegible
  • Shapes are not easily reproduced
One of the main advantages was the use of a mascot, crucial for effective brand promotion. Therefore, we decided to retain it while slightly modernizing its appearance. Initially, we simplified and separated some elements of the original logo.
In the next phase, we worked on the text, which originally existed separate from the logo and was hard to read. We carefully integrated the text into the composition to make it look like the warrior's armament.
In the final phase, we focused on color. The main task was to create a versatile logo for colored merchandise or simple engraving while keeping the character recognizable. We created 4 differently colored variants that can be easily used for any purpose.
And we didn't forget about the text. We turned it into a full-fledged element of the company’s identity and prepared multiple variants for different usage depending on the situation. It evolved into the basis of the future style.
As a result, the core idea of the original logo was preserved, new stylistic elements of company identity were added, and the concept is now adaptable to any media and custom merchandise.

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