Professional Photography for Dental Clinic

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Jun, 2023 - Sep, 2023

content strategy
professional photography

About the Project

Doctor Dent is a leading dental clinic in Prague. Our team designed a strategy to highlight the clinic’s key strengths and unique aspects.


Create attractive photo and video content for use on the clinic’s website, social media, and other marketing channels. The main goal was to emphasize professionalism, service quality, and the pleasant atmosphere that the clinic offers to its patients.

  • We personally met with the owner and head physician of Doctor Dent to discuss the goals and desires of the clinic.

  • Our team analyzed the target market and competitors to identify key points that would enhance the company’s position and make it stand out in the market.

  • The photographer and content creator collaborated to develop the shooting concept, including the selection of themes, models, and video scripts.

  • We created a gorgeous photo library filled with images of the various services and treatments offered by Doctor Dent.

  • We provided professional videos for Reels and social media to showcase the clinic’s pleasant atmosphere and the advantages of its world class services.

We continue to collaborate with the clinic to promote its profile on Instagram. Each piece of new content highlights the high quality of services, comfort, and professionalism, consistently attracting new patients.

This project is a successful example of how professional photo and video materials play a crucial role in acquiring new clients and enhancing a company’s reputation.

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