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February, 2023 - February, 2024

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About the Project

G x Bar Prague is the first franchise of an international network of beauty bars in Prague. It is known for its high level of customer service, creativity, and high quality services. Our task was to create and adapt creative content for the Czech market, adhere to the corporate style of the international chain, and maintain high standards of content quality.

What We Did

We conducted an analysis of the Czech market and developed a strategy for the successful adaptation of international content in line with local specifics and the preferences of the target audience. We defined the profile of a regular customer and a new prospective segment, including Generation Z and Alpha. Based on this, we focused on creating content that would most effectively appeal to the chosen target groups.

Content for Generation Z and Alpha: Taking into account the characteristics of Generation Z and Alpha, we created content that matched their preferences and expectations. We used a concise and dynamic style, integrated modern trends, and adopted their communication language. This helped capture attention and build loyalty within the chosen target audience.

As the primary tool for gaining reach, we chose Instagram Reels. Recognizing the advantages of this tool, we understood that creative ideas, high-quality visual execution, and popular tracks would attract a new audience. The number of views for individual Reels exceeded 30,000, which contributed massively to profile visibility and, as a result, attracted new clients.

We also handled copywriting for influencer marketing and organized offline events, along with production for these events.

Thanks to a comprehensive approach to SMM and content adaptation for the Czech market, we were able to effectively promote the G x Bar Prague beauty bar. Developing an adaptation strategy, addressing the needs of Generation Z and Alpha, and utilizing the Reels format helped us reach a broad audience and increase brand awareness.
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