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June 2022 - present

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About the Project

BetterAge is a cosmetic studio located in the center of Prague that offers an individualized approach to its clients. Our goal was to create and implement a marketing strategy focused on increasing loyalty among the existing audience and attracting new clients to the studio. To achieve this, we adopted a comprehensive approach: optimizing social media, developing a strategy, and utilizing targeted advertising.

Strategy Development and Competitor Analysis

We conducted a market and competitor analysis to identify the unique features of BetterAge and develop a strategy to differentiate the studio from its competitors. This helped us identify the target audience and choose the most profitable communication channels.

Visual aspect of the project: We created visual content that reflects the brand’s philosophy and presents expert information about skin and care in an understandable and engaging manner. We developed a magazine-style wall and pinned posts with services categorized by skin types. This approach helped create positive visual content that clients could easily understand.

Content Formats

We used several content formats to achieve variety and engage the audience:

  1. Interactive content, including surveys and quizzes, helped encourage client interaction and increase engagement.
  2. Educational content presented by the studio team allowed for the demonstration of expertise and the sharing of useful skin care tips.
  3. Demonstration of cosmetic procedure results – Reels video showcasing the results of wrinkle reduction treatments received 64,700 views.
  4. Provocative content that debunked popular beauty myths helped garner attention and generate interest in the studio –  A Reels video featuring popular mass-market cosmetic products that BetterAge experts don’t recommend received 125,000 views).
PPC ads

We developed a successful advertising campaign focused on promoting one of the most popular services, Hydrafacial. During the campaign we offered clients a chance to try the procedure at a discounted price. The results were fantastic, with a conversion cost of 44 CZK – a very low cost in the cosmetic industry.

Additionally, we launched advertising campaigns targeting comprehensive services. The goal was for new clients to try various services at a good price: Complex treatment of problematic skin areas, facial cleansing and instrumental facial massage, facial cleansing for pregnant women, VIP Hydrafacial procedure, and anti-inflammatory therapy.

From April to June 2023, we consistently worked with PPC advertising on Google. We achieved a CPC of 16 CZK and an average conversion value of 63 CZK. According to client feedback, the number of bookings doubled during this period compared to the previous one.

We also know the danger of focusing only on service and sales requests, so we made sure to engage with all new followers. We developed a welcome sequence for new subscribers where we could offer them a newcomer discount through private messages. The conversion of these welcome messages with their first purchase discount reached 45%.

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