Website for an Educational Center in the Field of Cosmetology

May, 2022

Web development

About the Project

Beauty Group is an educational center specializing in providing high-quality education in the field of cosmetology. Our task was to design a website that would reflect the high quality of educational programs and help attract new students.


To redesign and create modern, information-rich websites for the Beauty Group educational center. The website should provide information about the offered educational programs, services, and current events. It should be attractive in a way that excites potential students and drives interaction with the center.


We began the development of the Beauty Group website with an analysis of the center’s needs and the expectations of the target audience. The center’s target groups are three main segments:

  1. Cosmetologists looking to complete accredited educational programs in the Czech Republic or seeking further professional education.
  2. Individuals planning to start a career in the field of cosmetology.
  3. People interested in using professional skincare products from the Gigi, phFormula, and Obagi brands. Beauty Group is the official distributor of these brands in the Czech Republic.

Based on a detailed analysis, we designed the website’s structure to include essential information about the center and set it apart from the competition effectively. At the same time, we paid attention to modern design that reflects Beauty Group’s professional nature and innovative approach.

When designing the website, we prioritized user-friendly navigation and structure. We created a logical and intuitive user interface to help visitors easily find necessary information about educational programs, certifications, schedules, and prices, as well as the brands represented at the center. Each program has a detailed description, allowing potential students to get acquainted with the courses offered.

We also gave special attention to the “Instructors” section, which includes profiles of experienced cosmetology experts working at Beauty Group. This helps students gain an understanding of the high level of education at the center.

Additionally, we added a “News and Events” section where Beauty Group can share the latest information about ongoing events, such as workshops and seminars. This helps attract the attention of students and professionals in the cosmetology industry.


The result of our work is the Beauty Group educational center’s websites, which serve as effective tools for attracting new students and provide information about educational courses. The new design and its user-friendly navigation meet the needs of visitors and immediately create a positive impression of Beauty Group as a prestigious cosmetology education center.

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