Website & SMM for a Children's Center

Oct - Dec, 2022

Web development

About the Project

Tučňák Nak Nak Children’s Center offers various programs and activities for children of all ages. Our task was to create a website that would appear cheerful, friendly, informative, and at the same time, allow for easy service booking.

webové stránky pro dětské centrum
webové stránky pro dětské centrum
webové stránky pro dětské centrum
webové stránky pro dětské centrum

Redesign and create a new website for the children’s center that is attractive, informative, and user-friendly. The website should reflect the atmosphere and services of the children’s center, attract new clients, and simplify the reservation of activities.


The previous website was inconvenient to use, contained minimal information about existing children’s programs, and lacked regular updates. Our team was entrusted with redesigning and expanding the website, migrating it to the WordPress platform, and also redesigning and creating engaging content for the center’s Instagram profile.


We began with an analysis of the existing website and the needs of the children’s center. Considering the challenges of the previous site, we developed a new design to reflect the cheerful and friendly atmosphere of the center. We used bright colors, fun illustrations, and unique fonts to capture the attention of both children and parents.

Special attention was given to the clarity of navigation and website structure. We developed an intuitive menu that allows visitors to easily navigate the site and find information about programs, activities, and schedules. We also added an ‘About Us’ section where we included information about the center, its goals, philosophy, and the team of specialists.

To facilitate reservations, we integrated an online booking feature. Website visitors can now easily select activities of interest and make online reservations.

We also added the option to view the schedule and more detailed information about available activities.


Our main task on the Instagram  was to create an attractive design and use it to showcase the atmosphere of the children’s center, increasing demand for educational programs.

Children of all ages love vibrant colors, movement, and fun. This is exactly what we aimed to convey through the visual design of this project. We utilized the story of the children’s center mascot,  Tučňák (Penguin).

We brought the graphics to life with photographs of children during classes. This way, any parent who visits the profile immediately feels the center’s atmosphere. For each photo, we added a large headline for better navigation. We created, updated, and pinned important information in highlights:

  • How to find us?
  • Class schedule
  • Courses
  • Event updates.

The highlight covers are designed in a harmonious, simple, and vibrant style.

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Our marketing agency’s team was delighted to effectively assist a children’s center in Prague with the creation and launch of their new website. If you’re also looking for a professional team for the redesign and development of your business website, contact us.