We know how to engage your customers

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – an important tool for strategic business development. 90% of internet users use social networks. This is the place to find your target audience and build long-term relationships.
Do you know these problems?
98 % of our customers have encountered them

You've been managing your page for a long time, but you have no sales and your audience isn't growing

You don't know what to write about

You don't understand why your posts aren’t generating interest and responses from your followers

You don't know how to convert followers into real customers

You struggle with shooting and editing videos

You can't keep up with trends

What does SMM from NAVIAN.studio include?

Social media Facebook Instagram TikTok LinkedIn YouTube Pinterest
Content plan
Content creation
Social Media Management

Ad campaigns 

Social Media Audit

How do we differ from other agencies?

Within social media management, we provide complete A to Z service, including production and customer communication.

Our services include:

  • competitor and target audience analysis;
  • preparation and presentation of SMM strategy;
  • custom content plan based on current company goals;
  • production of unique photo and video content + editing and integration into the corporate style;
  • gathering feedback and reactions from your target audience;
  • targeted advertising campaigns + analytics and optimization;
  • regular and transparent reporting.

Content Production

Thanks to our experience in media content production, we can not only manage your social media accounts but also generate photo and video content adapted for social networks (e.g., shooting and editing Reels, TikTok posts, Shorts, etc.).


Selecting locations and participants for shooting

We will select suitable locations and participants that align with your target audiences and resonate with your brand’s mission.


Organization and coordination of the shooting process

We will ensure a smooth and pleasant creative process that aligns with your company’s values throughout the entire production.



including graphic design and adaptation to the corporate style.


What result will you achieve from working with NAVIAN.studio?

Increase in sales and profits

Through a strategy focused on the project’s business goals, and the involvement of creativity in the effective promotion of your products or services, which will lead to increased sales and profits.

Change in market position

With a strategic social media plan, your company will move up in the market, including being ranked among the leading businesses in your industry.

Reduction in advertising costs

By optimizing social media advertising campaigns, we can increase ad efficiency while reducing costs, contributing to overall profitability.

Increase in customer loyalty

We will build a strong community and interact with your customers, leading to increased loyalty to your products.

Acquisition of a new audience

We will help you reach new groups of people and expand your current customer base with our targeted acquisition strategy.

Visually recognizable brand

We will create visually attractive content that enhances the visibility of your brand and encourages more frequent communication and interaction from customers.

Need help with your project?

We offer social media management services in the form of packages, with the price determined by the scope of services. Please leave your contact information and we will get in touch with you to specify your requirements.