Company Identity for a Fashion Brand

March, 2023


About the Project

La Moda VOI is an online store specializing in Italian fashion, focusing on high-quality women’s clothing. Our task was to create a corporate identity that would reflect the luxury and uniqueness of the brand while evoking the aesthetics of Italian fashion houses.

firemní identita La Moda Voi
Logo and Corporate Style
When looking for inspiration to design the logo and corporate style for the La Moda VOI brand, we turned to its roots. Elite brands often use monograms instead of images, creating a unique and easily recognizable symbol. In our case, we suggested the client establish their own tradition from the very first days of the brand’s existence. By adding suitable shades, we hinted at the high status and affordability of the products. The carefully chosen colors completed the overall brand atmosphere. The final logo is simple and concise, fully reflecting the company’s field of activity.
Corporate Fonts
We selected two fonts to complement and emphasize the La Moda VOI corporate style. We used the Antiqua font in the monogram as it conveys a sense of prestige and luxury, while retaining a touch of history. The monospace grotesque font used in the headline subtly complements the overall style without drawing attention away, and it reinforces the desired image of confidence, resilience, and straightforward communication.
Color Palette
The chosen color provides context and allows users to see the hidden meaning. In the case of La Moda VOI, the color solution emphasizes the letters "V" and "VOI." We used a shade that complements the overall brand concept and adds a special charm.
The result of our project is the creation of a corporate identity for the online store La Moda VOI. The new logo and corporate style fully reflect the luxury and uniqueness of the brand, embodying the aesthetics of Italian fashion houses.

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