Rebranding & social media management for dentistry

2020 - 2021

Web development
Web design
Social Media Management
Graphic design

About the Project

Dentistry Budečská is a modern clinic in Prague 2. The high quality of services and a team of top dentists required a refined online presentation.

  • Create and design a new website
  • Set up web analytics
  • Propose a rebranding
  • Manage the Instagram profile
How We Did It

For the new website, we retained the corporate style within Dentistry Budečská’s brand book. Our work was guided by several goals:

  • Increase user trust in the website.
  • Improve website personalization.
  • Simplify and shorten the customer’s journey from arriving on the website to booking an appointment with a dentist.
Increasing Trust
To increase customer trust in the Dentistry website, we needed to prepare well-crafted texts and visual elements, add more information about dentists and dental services, and update everything regularly.
We developed a stylish yet professional website and implemented it in a very short time. The minimalist design allows users to find all the necessary information quickly, significantly shortening and simplifying the customer's journey.
We completed all the steps in creating the website from scratch: we developed and approved the website design, prepared a mood board, designed templates for each subpage of the website, integrated the necessary functionalities, and moved the final version of the website to the clinic's web server.
Visitors to the website can now easily schedule an appointment using visible buttons and a contact form, and the beautiful images cater to their aesthetic taste.
The client noticed an increase in the time spent on the site and the number of pages viewed, indicating user interest. Additionally, the bounce rate decreased and conversions increased. Clinic clients repeatedly praised the website's pleasant appearance and social media.
To increase the number of loyal followers, we adjusted Dentistry's social media. On Instagram, we fixed all important information in highlights–designed in accordance with the corporate style. We used gamification, viral content, and organized contests. The main purpose of the blog is to assist followers not only when something hurts, but also to educate them about proper oral care and prevent potential problems.
What We Achieved
increase in the engagement rate of published content on social media
o 0 %
increase in website traffic and time spent on the site
o 0 %
increase in the number of leads (messages on social media)
o 0 %

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