Social Media Marketing for a Beauty Salon

June, 2020 - September, 2023

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About the Project

PALMA Eco Beauty Lounge is a beauty studio in Prague that focuses on eco-friendly approaches to beauty. The main goal of the studio is to enhance the natural beauty of its clients using the best cosmetics offered by the modern beauty industry.

  • Attract new followers on social media – especially Instagram and Facebook.
  • Increase the loyalty of the existing social media audience.
  • Create an engaging visual presentation in line with the brand’s values.

Some Numbers

In March 2022, the studio’s advertising achieved a 139.5% ROI.

From March 1 to April 1, 2022, we launched an advertising campaign with the goal of bringing in 400 appointments for beauty services. In the end, we achieved 558 appointments.

Key Data:

  • Reach: 63,043 users
  • 2,378 clicks to the studio’s profile
  • 14 advertising creatives


  • 400 CZK per day
  • Spent: 9,680.52 CZK
  • Average CPC: 2-6 CZK depending on the service (the cheapest clicks were for manicures)

Studio Orders:

  • Goal: 400 appointments
  • 686 people booked a service
  • 558 people visited the studio for the ordered beauty service

From December to February, there were an average of 11-14 appointments per day

In March, there were 22 appointments per day.

How We Did It
Research: We started with thorough research. Together with the client, we gathered a large amount of data about the target audience, their problems, and needs. This data allowed us to create a successful content strategy and increase leads in the form of orders for the studio.
The target audience, known as PALMA girls, consists of young women (often students) who desire affordable yet high-quality beauty services. Our goal was to transfer the theme of ecology and natural beauty from the studio environment to the online space.
Therefore, we regularly shared eco-tips on social media, described the natural composition of cosmetics in posts, and used viral content and gamification to attract new followers. In graphics and photos, we focused on the brand's green color and plants to support the theme of natural beauty.
Content Creation: Our team regularly prepares engaging content for the client's social media by taking photos and videos directly from the studio to launch effective advertising campaigns.
We focus mainly on Instagram and Facebook, where we post both traditional posts alongside carousels, reels, stories, and other features. The goal is to actively inform social media users about the PALMA brand and its advantages.
During the autumn lockdown, when it was not possible to book beauty services, we prepared several useful TO-DO lists on how to take care of oneself at home to boost cosmetics sales for the studio.
During the collaboration, the percentage of audience engagement with published content quadrupled, and the percentage of story views exceeded the industry average.
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