Website and PPC for Tattoo Artist (USA)

Jan, 2022-present

Web development

About the Project

The NAVIAN.studio team set out to develop a website for a tattoo artist aiming to showcase his unique style and work. Our client, tattoo artist Levgen, is a talented and experienced professional who specializes in realism tattoos. We aimed to create a website that reflects his professionalism and helps attract new clients.


Create a modern and aesthetically pleasing website for Levgen that showcases his work and services, attracts new clients, and creates a positive impression of his professional approach. The website should be prepared for higher traffic following advertising campaigns.


We started by conducting a detailed research and analysis of the competition to better understand the requirements and expectations of the target customer group. This helped us identify key elements to emphasize on the website.

We designed a modern and stylish layout that reflects our client’s personality and work. The optimized user interface lets visitors easily navigate the pages to find any necessary information. We then added high-resolution photos of tattoos to showcase the top-notch quality and skill of our client.

Special attention was given to the portfolio section, where we created a user-friendly navigation for visitors to browse through the finished works in an easy and fluid manner.

Furthermore, we added an “About Me” section where we could share our client’s story and professional achievements. This section allows visitors to learn more about the tattoo artist himself, his approach to his trade, and his passion for his work.


Thanks to our work, the website has become an effective tool for attracting new clients and strengthening our client’s reputation as a professional. It captivates attention with its design, vividly demonstrates our client’s mastery, and provides an easy and intuitive user experience. As the CMS for the website, we chose WordPress, which the client had used before and was pleased to continue using.

Currently, we continue to work with Levgen, bringing new visitors to his website through PPC advertising.

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