Website for a Startup

Apr, 2021

Web development
Web design

About the Project

YK Technology specializes in the design of integrated circuits. Previously, the company used the Tilda web editor and its simple template, but failed to attract customer attention or convey the philosophy and essence of the company. For the company owner, a professional presentation at specialized conferences and networking events was crucial.

webové stránky pro YK technology - 1
webové stránky pro YK technology - 2
webové stránky pro YK technology - 3
  • Create a modern design that reflects the company’s philosophy
  • Design a logo
  • Eliminate fees on the Tilda platform
  • Create an interactive website element – animation on the homepage
How We Did It

We transformed a website with only one contact detail into an attractive platform.

Our task was to reflect the philosophy and services of the company while designing a modern and original interface. To achieve this, we chose a space-themed design with vibrant accent colors. The website, entirely handcrafted from scratch, was implemented in the WordPress content management system.

We highly recommend visiting the website. See for yourself that the interactive animation we created not only highlights the potential of YK Technology but is also highly engaging!

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